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APTS represents its member stations’ views in proceedings at the Federal Communications Commission.  APTS informs the agency and the public about local stations’ services and the importance of key policies and rules to ensuring the sustainability and growth of local public stations.

Notice of Ex Parte Communication Regarding Spectrum Incentive Auction and White Spaces, GN Docket Nos. 12-268 and 15-146, July 26, 2017
Comments of America's Public Television Stations, in the Matter of State Opt-Out Proposals from FirstNet, July 17, 2017
Comments of America’s Public Television Stations, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Public Radio, Inc., and Public Broadcasting Service in the Matter of Modernization of Media Regulation Initiative, July 5, 2017
FCC Comments of APTS, PBS and CPB in the matter of Authorizing Permissive Use of the "Next Generation" Broadcast Television Standard
Notice of Ex Parte Communication, MB Docket No. 16-142, September 12, 2016
Reply Comments of APTS Regarding the Commission's Proposals to Assure a Competitive Commercial Market for Navigation Devices, June 28, 2016